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【Work in Japan】ビジネスコンサルタント

others - Others (Full time)

スカイライト コンサルティング株式会社

Mar 2000


1.ビジネスコンサルティング事業/Business consulting in following areas;
   ・経営情報の活用支援/Utilizing business information
   ・業務改革の推進支援/Driving business process transformation
   ・IT活用の企画および導入支援/Planning and implementing IT introduction
   ・新規事業の立上げ支援/Launching and growing startups



Skylight Consulting, a Japanese management consulting firm was founded in 2000 by former managers from a renowned global management consulting firm. Our company aims to serve all companies at every developmental phase - from supporting leading global corporations to small start-ups. Having a various clients in different segments (such as: manufacturing, logistics/retail, communications/IT, finance/insurance, consumer goods and services, public sectors, etc.) and development stages, our clients recognize Skylight Consulting inc. for its ample resoureces in service lines: such as market research, strategy planning, business transformation, BPR(Busines Process Reengineering), organizational reforms and new business development. We also commit ourselves to collaborate interactively with clients to solve their critical and utmost complex problems from the scratch and support till the final implementation. Besides our field in management consulting, we extend our profession to investments, capital alliances, business partnerships, and translation works of "Wharton School Publishing". This is to enrich our service knowledge and practices in a bid to serve our clients better.



Business Consulting
We provide consulting services for to our clients who want to reform or create business, so they can attain great results. In other words we are trying to "CREATE SUCCESS" for our clients.
[Industries] Manufacturing, Logistics/Retail, Communications/IT, Finance/Insurance, Consumer Goods and Services, Public Sector etc.
[Services] Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Operations, Organization & Transformation, Human Resources etc.

Through projects in numerous industries and domains, Skylight consultants have accumulated experience in promoting projects in cooperation with clients and exercising their leadership to achieve results. Usually, only 3-5 skylight members are grouped as a team to participate in a project. This means that the role of each project team member is significantly influential and quick understanding of our clients' needs are crucial at work scenes. Because of such sophisticated work environment, our employees can expect to grow with overwhelming speed.


* JLPT N3以上

・志のある人/Have a strong work ethic and a high level of commitment to your job
・自分で考え、自分で行動できる人/Be able to think by yourself and take actions
・協働できる人/A team player. Be able to communicate and collaborate

Business level or higher is required either in Japanese or English.

【WakuWaku Job Fair@Bangkokにて面接を行います】

今回の募集では、2/15-16のWakuWaku JobFair@Bangkokの日本就職ブースにて面接を行います。
事前の応募が必要ですので、このWakuWakuページからSonJai (Apply)していただき事前に書類選考を行います。

We will be conducting interview at WakuWaku Job Fair@Bangkok on Feb 15-16.
You need to apply in advance and pass the resume screening.
Please apply by Feb 1, 2019 by creating WakuWaku resume in English or Japanese after log-in.

2/1 応募締切り / Applicant deadline

2/7以降、レジュメの合格発表 / Announcement of those who passed resume screening to proceed to interview

合格者はWakuWakuより2/15 -16日の面接の案内があります。 / Those who passed will be contacted by WakuWaku staffs about interview on 15-16th

2/15,16 WakuWaku Job Fairにて面接 / Interview at the job fair



月給 Login to see salary
勤務地 Other >Other
東京(赤坂、プロジェクトにより国内・海外への短期出張有り) ※コンサルタントは基本的にクライアント先に常駐し、サービスを提供します    Tokyo, Japan *Based on the project you are assigned to, you will be working at clients' sites for a certain period of time instructed by your project Manager.
勤務時間 社内規定による Based on company standard and privailing laws & regulations
休日 -
その他 Fresh Grads OK / No Experience OK / Foreigners OK
社内規定による/Based on company standard and privailing laws & regulations

交通費全額支給、各種社会保険加入、社員旅行、 クリスマスパーティーなど多数あり
Commuting Allowance, Japanese Health Insurance, Nursing-care Insurance, Compay Trip, Christmas Party and more.

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