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[Work-in-Japan!!] 総合職 / General staff (supermarket staff, parent and group company management candidates)

others - Others (Full time)

株式会社 ロピアグループ




A supermarket we can be proud of, a supermarket we want to visit. That's a supermarket that brings us the same products at a lower price, and better products at the same price--a supermarket where we can feel excited, a supermarket full of love.

We at Lopia are striving to create stores that we ourselves would love to visit--Lopia and your food life, a loving partnership.


At our company, the people who know our customers' feelings best are those on the front lines--our employees in our stores. Because our employees are in charge of planning everything from stocking to retail sales, they are creating unique and distinct individual Lopia stores.


・Fresh meat・Fresh fish・Fruits and vegetables・Side dishes・Food products・Stocking, processing, sales-related work, and product planning and development in each store management department

[入社後] 新人社員研修(6日間)の後、各配属店舗にてインストラクターにより、加工や販売業務を基礎から学んでいきます。
[After joining] After new-employees training (6 days), applicants will learn the basic of processing and sales-related work from instructors in each branch.
After joining for 6 months, applicants will attend new-employees follow-up class (2 days) and look back on 6 months. After that, applicants will have to set tasks and goals then take an action.
From the second year, applicants will able to attend to training classes according to their grades, and learn for further jobs and thoughts in order to be a chief.

The chief will be chosen to go training in New York so first, please try to be a chief!!

就業場所 (Work place)
Domestic locations: Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, and Saitama Prefectures


* JLPT N2以上

[必須 / Must]
Applicants who love to eat and are interested in food as an industry
Applicants who want to communicate their native food culture and Japanese food culture to others

Japanese skill: Communication level or higher (JLPT Level N2 or higher)

Bachelor degree or higher in any field

[歓迎 / Optional]
- 新しいもの・仕組みを自ら創りたい
The one who wants to create new things and systems
- 若いうちから経営・商売に関わりたい
Young people who are interested in management and business
- サービス業界での経験(アルバイト)
Experience in service industry (part-time)


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勤務地 Other >Other
本店所在地(Headquarter): 〒212-0016 神奈川県川崎市幸区南幸町2丁目9
勤務時間 7:00 ~ 20:00 (配属店舗・事業によって異なります。) ※ Will vary based on assigned store or business department.
休日 週休2日制 夏季休暇・冬季休暇(各2日間)/ 年間104日+夏季休暇・冬季休暇 Two days offer per week, summer and winter holidays (two days each) / 104 days per year + summer and winter holidays
その他 Fresh Grads OK / No Experience OK 基本給205,000円+固定時間外手当45,000円 (30時間/月)
Salary 205,000 yen + O.T. 45,000 yen (30 hours/month)

If date of entering is not 1st April, probation will be until April next year.
Base salary of probation period (grade1) 231,700 yen
基本給:190,000円 固定時間外手当:41,700円(30時間/月)
Base salary: 190,000 yen O.T.: 41,700 yen (30 hours / month)
Grade2 (Bachelor degree) salary will be affected on April next year.

Social insurance, optional property insurance, retirement allowance mutual aid (after working 1 year)
入社後5年間は独身寮有(費用1.5万円/月・光熱費自己負担) 新入社員レクリエーション 他
Company dormitory (available for up to 5 years after employment; rent: 15,000 yen/month, utilities expenses paid by employee)
Transportation allowance, fixed overtime allowance
Raise (once a year), bonus (twice a year / July and December), special bonus on February (according to 2018)

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